Thursday, April 22, 2010

Boston Marathon

Foil Blanket used to keep Mrs. Nester warm after completing the Boston Marathon.

A map of the race!

On Monday we tracked Mrs. Nester as she ran in the Boston Marathon! We looked up her race number and then we checked the marathon website to discover when she made it to certain points along the course. Unfortunately we only had a half day of school on Monday so we could not track her entire race. Mrs. Nester came to school on Thursday to share her race experience. She told us that she qualified for the Boston Marathon by running in the Columbus Marathon. We learned that she has clocked over 1200 miles in preparation for the race. She had to find some hills to practice on because there are many hilly sections in the Boston Marathon. We even got a chance to see the race map. Mrs. Nester let us taste the goo that gives her energy during a race. We saw the chip that was attached to Mrs. Nester's shoe to keep track of her place on the course and to record her time. She told us that she has to get new running shoes every 6 - 8 weeks because her shoes get used so much. Mrs. Nester brought along a really cool foil blanket that runners wrap around themselves at the end of a race.

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