Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Readers' Workshop

We take turns sitting on the balance balls during Read to Self.
We have been reviewing Readers' Workshop Rules. We want to make sure we do our best thinking and reading during Read to Self! The 1D students brainstormed a list of rules and we made a 1D Readers' Workshop Contract.

We promise to:
*Build stamina
*Choose a good fit book
*Read every day in a quiet way
*Stay in our book nooks
*Wisely choose our book nooks
*Try our best to read tricky words  

We know that it is important to think about what we are reading, so we have been trying to show what we are thinking as we read. We use sticky notes to write short notes while we are reading - this reminds us of what we were thinking while reading. We write connections. We show a connection like this <--->. We also notice interesting words, note questions that we have, record funny parts of the story, and write about anything we do not understand or find to be confusing. 

Here are some examples of notes written by 1D readers:

I wonder how old Natalie is?
I like school too <--->
I wonder why Froggy is afraid of shots.
Nathan is my brother's name <--->
Wow! I have never heard of hoecakes.
Headline - like from the Scholastic News <--->
The guy in the back looks mean.
Ellamentry - a name? 
DEAR - connection <---> - Drop Everything and Read
Are they going to have a mystery?
Jane, Annie, and Evan are unusual characters.
Math Notebooks <--->
It is cool that her sister can sew a dress on her own!
Interesting name - Coco Larue.

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