Sunday, September 9, 2012

Our Very First Guest Reader

We are learning about the Columbus Academy community. The teachers invited different members of our community to serve as guest readers in our classroom. Mrs. Saling was our very first guest reader. Mrs. Saling is the assistant to Mr. Vorenberg, the Head of Lower School. She is a very busy lady! She does so many things each day to help the students and teachers in Lower School. We were happy that she took the time to read to us! She surprised us by knowing our names - and we were not even wearing nametags. Mrs. Saling is amazing!

Mrs. Saling read The Crayon Box That Talked. Every crayon in the box was different, but each crayon was special. We decided the pictures would have been boring if only one crayon was used in each picture. We discussed how the crayons showed CARES. We will have more visitors from CA read to us over the next few weeks. Beginning in October, parents will be invited to join us as guest or mystery readers.

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