Sunday, November 18, 2012

Global Connections - Twitter, Class Pals, and Quadblogging

Waiting for our Twitter messages to show up on the @CAFirstGrade Twitter Feed! In addition to sharing messages with other classrooms on Twitter, we also have two Class Pals (kind of like Pen Pals) in the United Kingdom, and we will soon begin a Class Pal friendship with two additional classes - one in Australia and the other in The United Arab Emirates. We are also linked with three other classrooms in a quadblogging (buddy blogging) project. We exchange blog messages with Mrs. Horst's 1/2 class in Burlington, Ontario, Canada, Mrs. Sather's Grade 1 in Montana, U.S.A., and Mrs. Jinks' Grade 1 Class in Windsor, Ontario, Canada. These projects give us the opportunity to meet friends from around the world. We learn about similarities and differences between our schools and our lives. We look forward to exploring our friends' blogs throughout the year!  

Meet Our Quadblogging Friends Here:

Beaton Bulldogs:

Mrs. Horst's Class:

Mrs. Sather's Kind Kids:

If you get a chance to leave a message on a blog, that would be great! It's always fun to hear from buddies in other quadblogging classes!

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