Saturday, December 1, 2012

Our New Inquiry Topic - CASTLES!

The 1D students submitted a variety of possible topics for our next unit study. A class vote was held, and the topic of CASTLES was selected. The topic of gems was a close second, so one student suggested that we could connect the two topics. We love that idea!

We started our unit by developing some ESSENTIAL QUESTIONS. These questions will help us focus our learning.

Our Essential Questions:
*What are castles?
*What was life like for people living in a castle?
*How are castles alike and different around the world?
*What are some stories and books with castles as settings? (Check out our Shelfari and you will find some answers for this question!)
*Were gems and jewels important to people living in castles?

We know a lot about castles already, but we also have lots of wonders about castles. We are having so much fun discovering the answers to our
I wonder.... statements!

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