Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Function Machines

Each 1D student worked with a partner to create a function machine. The children presented their machines to their classmates. They had to explain about the input, output, and rule. They also provided examples of the rules in action. Read below for a description of the machines and how they work.

Kai and Jake ~ For the input we made a list and wrote numbers and we put it in and you have to guess what the rule is. You have to write input and output and the number comes out. Like here would go 17 and out goes 4. We know it is a change to smaller. We guessed the rule is -13.

Kennedy and Jack ~ We have 9 + 10 and it equals 19. We cut different holes like slits for the input. The paper cup says "no touchy". We were trying to do plus and minus all together.

Sophie and Owen ~ We didn't have time to tape the cups on but they are for the in and out. In goes 10 and out goes 20. In goes 3 out goes 6. The rule is double. We liked decorating the outside of the machine.

Aliya and Ferial ~ This is our rule. We would write it with pencil so it can change by use erasing it each time. We put pipecleaners on the machine for decoration. We have In and Out. We put numbers through the slits. In goes 5 and out comes 12. The rule is + 7. After we do the examples we put them back in the numbers cup.

Aniken and Clara ~  This is the thing where you put a number in and it tags it and then there is the operator that changes the number and we have a place with wires (pipecleaners) where there is electricity. Our first rule is +15 and our second rule is +10. If you put in 5 then 20 comes out. Next you flip it over. 2 goes in and 12 goes out.

Amelia and Alex ~  The cups are for the arrows and you have to try to shoot an arrow and when it is full you can guess numbers. It is so fabulous! You put the number in on green - START - and it comes out at red - STOP. The rule is +10. Put in 8 then out comes 18.

Mary and Seth ~ In this first cup you put the numbers in it and in the second cup you take the numbers out. The rule is written on the machine. It is a -4 machine. Put in a number 20 an 16 comes out. -4 was the first thing that popped in to our head. The pipe cleaners are batteries for the function machine. There is a hole on the bottom for the numbers to come out.

Peter and Caroline ~ We made a Function Fun machine!  The cups are where the number goes in like 7 or something. The other cup is for the number go go out. We cut holes in the bottom of the cups. The rule is written on the top.  If 7 goes in then 14 comes out. If 5 goes in then 12 comes out. The rule is Add 7.

Alek and Dante ~ Our plan was to cut the numbers out of black paper. We wrote the numbers with a purple marker. We wrote random numbers and we got the idea we would put cups and we would put In and Out for the numbers. When you put the 5 in a 10 will come out. In goes 7 out goes 14. The rule is double. One friend told us it could also be times 2.

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