Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Rules Project

We are starting our very first project in 1D. This project is called Cool With School Rules. We are learning about rules and deciding on rules for our classroom. One component of project based learning is that we invite an expert to come to our class to help kick off the project. Mrs. Mason spoke about rules with the students. She shared different types of rules such as dress code, playground, and classroom. She told us that most rules are meant to keep us safe and help us get along.    We are scheduled to have a second expert talk to us later this week - one of the Columbus Academy security guards will speak to first graders about the importance of rules. Soon we will determine what rules we should have in 1D.  After that  the students will decide how they want to share what they've learned about rules. We might make posters to represent the rules, we could share our rules on the classroom blog and Twitter, and we could even make a slideshow informing others of our rules.

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