Sunday, September 21, 2014


Popping bubble wrap dots was fun!
We skyped with students at Ducketts Lane Elementary in Elkridge, Maryland. We also skyped with a group of first graders from Durham/Middlefield Connecticut. It was fun to share our dot projects across states!

Focused on the screen - meeting new first grade friends in a different state,
We shared some pages from 16 Black Dots - our version of  10 Black Dots - a book by Donald Crews.

We practiced skype etiquette - listening politely and taking turns sharing with our partner class.

It was fun to use the ColAR app on the iPad to make our dots 3-d. We projected the 3-d dots on the screen for everyone to see.
We started out Dot Day be reading the book The Dot by Peter H. Reynolds. This book celebrates creativity and stresses the importance of each person making his/her own mark (or dot!) on the world. We used markers to decorate our own dots in our own style. After skyping with Mr. Winner's class we were inspired to turn these dots into BUDDY DOTS ~ we cut the dots in half and then one half was cut into fourths. Next, a half was matched with two fourths to make a whole buddy dot! It took three dot pieces to create one whole buddy dot. We also used KidPix to create dots in Computer, we completed dot-to-dots for our morning warm-up, and we used our thumbprints to make a 1D Dot Tree.

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