Monday, December 29, 2014

Kid Wish 2015

The Kidwish Project links students from around the world by allowing kids to share wishes for the upcoming year. Our class is paired with a class from Gwynedd-Mercy Academy Elementary in Springhouse, Pennsylvania. In December our class created New Year's cards and we shared our student wishes for a better world in 2015. 1D Kids also included actions they will take to make those wishes come true. In January, our class will meet our partners face to face through Skype. 

Kidwish is part of the Global Classroom Project. More information can be found at this link: Kidwish wiki

Golden Dragons' Kidwishes:

*I wish that people did not fight. I can make this happen by not fighting. Happy New Year!
*My kidwish is that I want people to be theirself and I want to be myself.
*My kidwish is for everybody to play fair. I can make this happen by when we are playing a game and only one person is making the rules I will tell them to let other people to make the rules too.
*My wish is to clean the world. I can make this happen by recycling. I could also clean my backyard.
*My wish for the world is to recycle. I can pick up trash.
*My kidwish is for everyone to play together fairly and not bragging if someone loses and if some one is feeling bad or sad pick them up and play with them and wash away their tears don't just leave them alone.
*My kidwish is everybody will share and everybody will comfort people that are sick. I wish people would recycle I can make this wish happen by comforting people.
*My wish is that people will stay healthy. I can make this happen by that people will wash their hands.
*My kidwish is to prevent landfills from growing. I can make this wish come true by recycling and so can you!
*My kidwish is to help others. I can make this wish happen by when somebody falls I'll come over and say, "Are you ok?"
*My wish is that people would not litter. I have seen lots of people litter on the roads and sidewalks.
*I wish that the world is healthy. I can make this wish happen by throwing tissues in the trash.
*My wish is that people could be as fortunate as me. I can make this wish happen by making blankets for other people.
*My kidwish is that the world could be cleaner. I will recycle. Happy New Year's!
*My wish is that to help the homeless people. I can make this wish happen by donating food to the food drive so the people who are homeless will have food. Happy New Year!

(A few 1D friends were absent when we wrote our kidwishes before winter break. Those students will have the opportunity to write their own wishes when we return to school in January!)

Writing Kidwishes and creating cards to send to our partner class!

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