Saturday, February 21, 2015

Project Linus

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Spreading blanket hugs nationwide! This is the motto of Project Linus. This Columbus Academy service project is truly a collaborative project for Academy students in all divisions. Second grade students count and bundle donated Box Tops as a way for the school to earn money to purchase fabric for the blankets. The blankets are cut and the edges are trimmed by students in upper and middle school. Lower school students work with their buddies to tie the fabric ends to finish off the blankets. This project is always completed during Valentine's Week - a way to extend friendship to families in the Columbus area who appreciate a blanket during a time of need. 

Lots of smiles, but it is hard work to tie these blankets! Third graders were patient in teaching their younger buddies how to tie the knots. First graders showed a great deal of perseverance in trying over and over again until they got it just right.

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