Monday, March 2, 2015

Night Tree Rotations

It was the perfect day for our Night Tree rotations! We made a variety of snacks for the animals - pinecones rolled in apple butter and birdseed, Cheerios strung on yarn, cut-out bread shapes, and pretzels dipped in honey and birdseed. The best part was taking a hike outdoors to find the perfect tree for the 1D Golden Dragons to decorate. We chose a tree along the main driveway so that we can keep an eye on it as we come in to Columbus Academy in the morning and leave in the afternoon. We wonder what animals will visit our tree?! Of course it was also a treat for US when we came inside to warm up with hot chocolate and  we got to enjoy a delicious snack of doughnut holes. What a wonderful first grade tradition! (Look for more photos to be posted soon!)

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