Sunday, April 12, 2015

Flat Stanley Goes to Oregon

Oregon is beautiful!
Flat Stanley spent a lot of time hiking when he was in Oregon!

After reading the book Flat Stanley, each of the first grade classes created two flat dolls to send somewhere around the world. Mrs. Simmons' sister and nephew went on a journey to Portland, Oregon, and they took Flat Stanley with them. Flat Stanley was lucky - he was able to travel by plane, so his journey took much less time than the 5 - 6 months that the pioneers' journey took on the Oregon Trail. In this photo, Flat Stanley is researching the Oregon Trail in a huge Portland bookstore - the store takes up an entire city block!

Flat Stanley is looking at a drawing of some pioneers who settled in Oregon.

Flat Stanley wonders what it would have been like to live in a one room log house.

Flat Stanley visited the Nike Flagship store! He learned that Oregon's colors are green for the trees and gray for the skies.
Flat Stanley in a Conestoga Wagon

The front wheels really are smaller than the back wheels!

Ready for the long ride along the trail :-)

Stanley near the window, waiting for his plane to take off.

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