Sunday, April 18, 2010

Flat Friends

We had so much fun sending the Flat 1D Kids on journeys around the world. We wanted to let you know some of the places that our flat friends visited, so here is a partial list of flat friend destinations in the U.S.:
New York, North Carolina, Florida, Kentucky, Michigan, Ohio, California, Louisiana, Maryland, Ohio, Pennsylvania, Georgia, Connecticut, Idaho, Michigan, and Iowa. In addition to locations in the United States, some of our flat friends flew off to these countries: Russia, Ukraine, Philippines, Iraq, Spain, and England. Thank you so much to families and friends for participating in our Flat Stanley Project!!! You were amazing - you filled our mailbox with letters, photos, postcards, souvenirs, and even power-point presentations. As a direct result of this project, students became intrigued with maps - they eagerly searched for each new Flat Friend destination on the map. What a wonderful way to provide real life connections for learning about maps and the world around us. THANK YOU for making this project such a success! (We apologize if we forgot to list any flat friend destinations. The students were actually recalling these locations after taking down the flat friend bulletin board.) I would say they did a pretty good job of remembering so many locations!!

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