Sunday, September 18, 2011

Global Read Aloud Project and Skyping

We are so excited! We have been waiting for September 19th - the official start date of the  Global Read Aloud Project. Beginning on Monday our class, along with students from around the world, will start to read Flat Stanley. We have agreed to read a certain number of chapters each week and we will discuss these chapters via skype and Edmodo with other participating students. We are specifically partnering with Mrs. Pamela-Faith Jackson's first grade class in Atlanta, Georgia. Her school is part of the Fulton County School District, and we had the opportunity to meet her and her students via a skype call on Friday. We prepared questions to ask the Atlanta first graders and we answered their questions. The Columbus Academy first graders were interested to learn that our partner school has kids in grades k-5, but no older students. The Georgia students thought we were lucky to have a school football team and to get to go to pep rallies with our third grade buddies. They told us that they have a professional football team - The Atlanta Falcons, but no school team. When asked if any of the 1D kids play football or lead cheers, the 1D students promptly started chanting, "V-I-K-E-S! Let's go Vikes!" The Atlanta First Graders sang a Days of the Week song and told us that they have been in school for 23 days. We told them we had only been in school for 15, and both classes quickly did a math problem to figure out how many more days the Georgia kids have been in school than the CA Kids.

This week will create flat dolls to send electronically to our friends in Georgia and they will send us some flat dolls in return. We hope to learn more about kids around the world by participating in a variety of global projects this year!

Click here for a: Map of Global Read Aloud Flat Stanley Participants Around the World

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