Sunday, September 18, 2011

Word Work

It's so much fun to use the iPad for Word Work!

Hmmm... which word family does this card belong to?!

Sorting cards by word families

This week we added the second component of Daily 5 - WORD WORK. We used the iPads to spell our Monster Words with magnetic letters. The 1D Learning Lions loved the refrigerator magnet app! We also sorted word cards into word families. For the next few weeks our phonics lessons will focus on word endings ~ ap, ip, op, ep, up, in, an, on, en, un, etc. The students looked at each word card to determine which word family would be the right fit (op- pop, slop, cop, ip - slip, tip, rip, etc.). In addition to developing spelling skills,  this word work activity also encourages students to pay attention to the middle vowel sound when reading.

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