Thursday, August 23, 2012

First Days in 1D

Morning Meeting ~ We are quickly learning each other's names! We played a name game called Hickety Pickety Bumblebee, Won't You Say Your Name For Me?! We snapped, clapped, slapped, whispered, and shouted the names of our classmates.

Mrs. Yakscoe reading to the 1D Kids. We have been reading lots of books about the first days of school. We compared and contrasted the different books. We noticed that many of the books had characters who were worried about the start of a new school year. We discovered that it is not just the kids who have first day jitters - teachers, bus drivers, dining hall staff members, and even headmasters can be nervous for the beginning of a new school year! Check out the Shelfari bookshelf on this blog to discover what books we've been reading!

Lining up - GIVE US THREE! We look for three things in our line - hands by our sides, mouths closed, and eyes toward the door. We try to walk through the halls quietly to show that we respect the learning taking place in other classrooms.

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