Friday, September 28, 2012

Our Predictions For The One and Only Ivan

Hello to our Global Read Aloud Friends in Massachusetts, Texas, and around the world! We are so excited to begin reading The One and Only Ivan on Monday! Please comment and leave links to your own predictions. We would love to hear the exciting connections your class is making to this book!
*I think it's going to take place in the jungle.
*I think the elephant thinks his name is Ivan and he is the only one who has the name Ivan but the gorilla has the name Ivan.
*I think the elephant and the gorilla were not good friends and then they turned good friends.
*I think that one of them - whoever is Ivan - those two are friends and then one day one of them couldn't play and Ivan wanted to play.
*I wonder if the baby elephant might have to go home one day and the gorilla goes home with him.
*I think that the elephant and the gorilla are friends and they are all alone in the jungle with no
one to play with.
*I think there's going to be no one in the jungle and they find each other so they play with each other.
*I wonder if the gorilla and the elephant want to play with someone but then there is only them but they won't play with each other.
*I think the gorilla is Ivan and he is looking for a friend but nobody is around in the jungle and then he sat down and when he turns around there is a baby elephant right near him.
*I think the elephant's name is Ivan. And they find a way to play both games that they want to play.


  1. I really liked reading all of your predictions. It is going to be interesting to see which ones are true when we read the book.

  2. Hi 1D Learning Heroes,

    We are also reading "The One and Only Ivan" and we were interested to learn about your predictions. Now, that you are into the book, I'm sure your predictions have changed!

    Here are a few detailed comments that our grade 2 friends have for you, grade ones --

    Sarah thinks you did a good job!

    Chloe really liked how your predictions were detailed.

    Solina really liked your predictions and we realized that we shared some of the same ones in our class.

    Noah said even though you may be wrong after reading the book, he still thought they were great first predictions. For example, we now know that the elephants name is Ruby!

    Thank you for checking out our blog and we look forward to seeing you face-to-face on Skype!

    Ms. Horst's 2-1FI Class