Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Color Poems

We brainstormed ways to end color sentence starters: Blue is like blueberries, a sky filled with white puffy clouds, water,...Red  is like the rising of the sun, a strawberry, gushing lava heat, a fall leaf,...Orange is like a pumpkin, an orange, a carrot, a tiger,... After we shared our mental images for each of the colors, the 1D writers created their own COLOR poems. Here is a sample poem we wrote together:
By the 1D Kids

Blue looks like the sky with white puffy clouds.
Blue sounds like airplanes soaring through the sky.
Blue tastes like sweet cotton candy dissolving in your mouth.
Blue feels like the wavy, icy Atlantic Ocean.
Blue is stars in the sky and blue is the shallow waters of Baby Beach.

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