Friday, April 24, 2015

Earth Day Poetry

April is National Poetry Month and we celebrated Earth Day this week. We combined these two special events by writing some Earth Day poetry as a class. The 1D Golden Dragons collaborated to create the following poems:

I am the Earth

I am the Earth
My heart is the lava
My hair is the clouds
My arms are the mountains

I am the Earth
I am four and a half billion years old
And I am a good home
I am the Earth

Earth Day

Today I will use less water.
And I will reuse paper.
Today I will plant flowers
and remember to recycle.

Today I will tell everyone that every day is Earth Day.
But tomorrow I
will remember that every 
day is Earth Day.

The Earth is Alive!

The Earth is alive!
 The sky is like a giant blue 
White puffy clouds sail through
the sky.
The Earth is alive!


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